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We understand that loading and unloading of goods can take long periods of time that require container to be stored in a safe and permitted place until it takes on its next assignment. With this in mind, E-WAY GROUP provides a central facility or depot where containers or goods are stored or held in transit while waiting for next boarding or reload. Most of the depot are located surrounding a port or terminal to enables for a quick turnaround and immediate transfer of containers between different locations.

With our comprehensive range of services in depot management, we are able to cater to your business needs, which includes below:

  • Containers storage (short, medium and long-term equipment storage)
  • Cleaning facility to clean a wide variety of last cargo residues
  • Testing and survey services of equipment
  • Technical repair works which compliant with international standards
  • Workshop with refurbishing services
  • Cargo heating services

Future Prospects

At E-WAY GROUP, we never rest on our laurels and keep improving our products and services to bring our commitment to the next level. We are looking into several prospects and project that can further bring added value to our customers.

Warehouse and Distribution Management

E-WAY GROUP is planning to build a modern supply chains with information and intelligence for better product planning. This shall be achieved by consolidation and deconsolidation of containers under enhanced distribution management. Apart from storing products with E-WAY GROUP, we aim to close the bridge between a supplier and its customers by offering value-added services like product mixing, order fulfilment, cross docking as well as packaging.

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